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Name: Amadeus Cho, Mastermind Excello, Prince of Power, the smart kid
Age: 17 (AI PSL: ~18)
Eyes: sometimes dark black-brown, others a silver-gray. comic books, man
Hair: black
Height: 5"8' or so
Weight: skinny Asian nerd
Nationality: Korean American
PSYCHIC PSTUFF: When Cho was 15, he won a soap company contest, ranking him as the seventh smartest person on the planet and winning him a lotta freakin' money. Thirty minutes later, Cho's house exploded right in front of him, killing his parents inside. His little sister, Maddie, is still MIA. Amadeus does a good job of not angsting all that much, but he thinks about his family a lot. Cho met the guy who killed them, and...well, I won't ruin it for you. If you need to know revenge plots, talk to me.He's searching for his sister when he's not hero-ing or being a trijillionaire. Until recently, he'd been traveling with Hercules (yes, that Hercules). They're close friends. Cho's also (self-claimed) best friends with the Hulk. Bruce Banner not so much--they butt heads a lot. But they can get along...sometimes.

Also? He's a freakin' genius. If he finds out you're scanning him, he'll start thinking in Korean. Maybe even in a code on top of that.
POWERS? He's just smart, sucka.
Physical Impressions: Cho has a tendency to swagger about like he's the smartest person in the room. He's confident, a good speaker, and when he rambles he talks too fast. He holds himself like he's hot shit. There's a lotta ego goin' on up here.

-he likes smart movies as well as so-bad-it's-good movies.
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